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Are You Up for the Challenge?

The "Own Your Truth Challenge" is a 4-week challenge that reconnects you to reality, pushes you outside your comfort zone, and reminds you that YOU are the main character in your own story. 


"I need to get my life together or else" KIND OF COURSE.

What Does It Mean to “Own Your Truth”?

•No Excuses

•No Quitting

•No Nonsense

(It literally means taking a hard look in the mirror and accepting that in order for your life to change, you need to embrace change itself.)

Course at a Glance

Week 1: Identifying with yourself and what you want to work on.

Week 2: Identifying the characters that you are most drawn to and using your awareness about them to balance out your life.

Week 3: Identifying the aspects of yourself that need work and how you can use these fundamentals to bring back the essence of who you are.

Week 4: Identifying what you resonate with the most and embracing those new habits into your daily life so you can stay the main character in your story.

What's Included?

  • Easy to follow modules.

  • Video content.

  • A downloadable workbook.

  • Group Access (with endless support).

  • Lifetime access to the challenge once completed.



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"The OYTC has helped me realize that I am not a robot or a superhero or indestructible…I’m human, I’m a mom/wife/sister/daughter, I’m part of a team. Taking the time to work through this challenge reminded me that self love is a real thing, caring for yourself is essential and necessary. I always put myself last, but not after completing this challenge. Always being on the go and doing something made me feel like I didn’t have time to do anything for myself…eating a proper meal, taking a nice shower, enjoying morning coffee, or even spending QUALITY time with my family creating everlasting memories. The OYTC helped open my eyes to show me that my priority is myself, because without me, the life I live wouldn’t be what it is. I give myself 10 minutes every day (because at the moment that’s the biggest chunk of time I can fit) to just sit down in silence, drink a glass of water-because it’s usually too late for coffee- and reflect on my day and myself. In that time I ask myself “did I complete one task I wanted to? Did I make my daughter smile today? Did we have something solid to eat? Did I have an ok day?” These are the things most important to me. As long as we are OK, we are happy, I am happy. I have learned to accept the things I cannot change and refuse to change myself to accept them, because why should I? I do not regret taking part in this challenge, because it reminded me of who I am and what I want for myself."

-Marcia K. Jersey City, NJ

The Own Your Truth Challenge is a great way to get to know yourself better!! We spend all this time trying to figure everyone else out and we often neglect ourselves. This is an easy program that lets you take those few minutes every day of the program to really think and understand how you yourself handle stress, where you hold stress, what helps you relax and what you might be missing in your already in progress caring for yourself routine.

-Brooke P. Williamstown, NJ

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